The Shia vs. the ‘Shia Crescent’

2020 Mar 10

Whether by force or politics, Iran desperately needs to reconsolidate power among Shia constituencies throughout the region, but this challenge may prove insurmountable given current public sentiment in Iraq and Lebanon.


Polling Insights on Iraq’s Shia Revolt

2019 Nov 24

Iraqi Shia have lost faith in their government because it has failed to meet their basic needs in any of these three categories. After the fall of Saddam Hussein and the rise of new governance models


The True Origins of ISIS

2018 Dec 02

A secret biography suggests that Abu Ali al-Anbari defined the group’s radical approach more than any other person.


Quarter-Million Lives at Risk in Latest Battle for Yemen

2018 Jun 19

Now that the operation has begun, bipartisan congressional threats to sever U.S. military assistance because of humanitarian concerns will be tested.


Incidents of Anti-Shiism in April, 2018

2018 May 06

With 673 incidents of anti-Shiism during the month of April, Shia repression is on the rise. The reduction in February and March from January’s equivalent 673 incidents was too good to be true, as this month concluded with 128 deaths, 180 injuries, 236 ar


What is in it for Pakistan to support Anti-Shiism?

2018 Mar 02

Saudi fuels and funds anti-Shiism in other countries


The Bahrain Uprising, Seven Years Later

2018 Mar 02

Bahraini dissent received no international support


Who Are Shia?

2017 Dec 13


Millions mark key Shia commemoration in Iraq holy city

2017 Nov 10

Arbaeen is a significant Shia religious festival marking the end of the 40-day mourning period for the martyrdom of Imam Hussein


The Iranian–Saudi Hegemonic Rivalry

2017 Oct 28

At the core of the rivalry stand maximalist positions taken by both sides that are hardly reconcilable with each other


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