Listen to the Science

2020 Oct 22

There are also deepening social and economic crises. The pandemic has battered national economies, exacerbated many forms of inequality, and sown distrust and social unrest around the world...


Lebanon’s Hidden Gold Mine

2020 Aug 03

Establishing a credible National Wealth Fund would help to alleviate the countrys multiple crises.


The Human-Capital Costs of the Crisis

2020 Apr 16

Unlike a hurricane or earthquake, the coronavirus pandemic has caused no damage to physical capital stock. But firm-specific skills have no value when the firm that uses them goes out of business, which is one reason why US productivity...


Will the OPEC Agreement Work and, If So, How Long Will It Last?

2020 Apr 16

The market appears to doubt that the deal will suffice, and royal family dynamics could push the oil crisis into further rounds.


Iraq has a new prime minister. What next?

2020 Mar 23

Iraq has a new prime minister-designate, almost three weeks after the previous nominee — Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi — failed to secure parliamentary approval for his cabinet.


Mohammed bin Salman's latest arrests expose weakness at heart of power

2020 Mar 11

The arrest of such high-ranking princes reveals the shaky ground on which the young princes future rests


The Middle East’s Future of Perpetual Pandemics

2020 Mar 03

If outbreaks like the coronavirus shift from ‘black swan’ events to regular occurrences, globalization trends in the region may reverse, with sobering consequences.


The bias that can cause catastrophe

2019 Nov 28

The outcome bias erodes your sense of risk and makes you blind to error, explaining everything from fatal plane crashes to the Columbia crash and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.


Your Poison, My Profit

2019 Sep 02

In an interview, Makram Ouaiss says Lebanese politicians may provoke a new trash crisis to reach their favored waste solutions.


The Experts We Need

2019 Jun 22

Policy gurus spend too much time with others like them top civil servants, high flying journalists, successful business people and too little time with ordinary voters.


Iraq's democracy facing legitimacy shortage and political crisis

2018 Aug 11

These infringements aimed to reducing of political impact of some ethnic and political parties


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