The unseen 'slow violence' that affects millions

2021 Feb 08

Not all violence is fast. Hidden in plain sight across society, there is a kind of harm that happens too slowly to see, says Richard Fisher.


What if all viruses disappeared?

2020 Jun 22

If all viruses disappeared, the world would be very different — and not necessarily for the better. But what exactly would happen?


Nature Is Our Best Antiviral

2020 May 18

Many countries are already demonstrating how we can build stronger bonds between nature, our economy, and our health.


Greening Our Cities

2019 Sep 28

Cities are the worlds leading source of both economic growth and greenhouse-gas emissions, and those contributions will continue to grow as more of the world...


Is education standing up to the task of climate action?

2019 Sep 19

A mid todays climate crisis, the global education community is faced with the reality that it has done too little too late.


What would happen if all the world’s trees disappeared?

2019 Sep 15

As the Amazon fires continue to burn, Rachel Nuwer asks: how dependent are we on the survival of forests?


Your Poison, My Profit

2019 Sep 02

In an interview, Makram Ouaiss says Lebanese politicians may provoke a new trash crisis to reach their favored waste solutions.


How Blockchain Can Win the War Against Plastic Waste

2019 Aug 15

Start-ups are making incremental use of blockchain to reduce plastic waste, but the technology’s power to drive real change is yet to be realised.


A New Direction for the Planet’s Sake

2019 Jul 28

according to the sustainability organization Global Footprint Network, humanity will have used up the Earths resource budget for the entire year.


The Middle East’s Authoritarians Have Come for Conservationists

2019 Apr 01

Environmental activists pushing for clean water, restrictions on poaching, and action on climate change have faced prison—or worse.


Feeding the Ten Billion

2019 Feb 06

Our diets are becoming less healthy, and global food production is increasingly unsustainable. A new report suggests that the planet can sustainably provide a healthy diet for ten billion people in the future...


Nourishing Cities with Nature

2018 Jun 14

As rates of urbanization increase globally, city planners are working to reverse decades of reckless growth by returning nature to the built environment


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