The Main Street Manifesto

2020 Jun 28

The historic protests sweeping America were long overdue, not just as a response to racism and police violence, but also as a revolt against entrenched plutocracy.


Inequality and Economic Growth

2020 Feb 03

Economic policymakers can no longer afford to view inequality as an issue separate from boosting employment and incomes. Addressing it through a wealth tax, combined with more effective antitrust policies and enforcement, has become essential to sustainin


If Wealth Is Justified, so Is a Wealth Tax

2019 Dec 17

Not surprisingly, American billionaires have dismissed recent wealth-tax proposals as an affront to the entrepreneurial spirit to which they attribute their massive wealth.


Why Rich Cities Rebel

2019 Oct 24

Having lost touch with public sentiment, officials in Paris, Hong Kong, and Santiago failed to anticipate that a seemingly modest policy action (a fuel-tax increase, an extradition bill, and higher metro prices, respectively) would trigger a massive socia


Is Greed Destroying Your Soul?

2019 Sep 30

Greed is less about accumulating wealth than filling an inner void.


The Benefits of a Progressive Consumption Tax

2019 Sep 18

Many economists already favor a consumption-based tax system for raising revenue on grounds of efficiency and simplicity.


Should We Worry About Income Gaps Within or Between Countries?

2019 Sep 15

The rise of populist nationalism throughout the West has been fueled partly by a clash between the objectives of equity in rich countries and higher living standards in poor countries.


Improving the Sustainability of Development Finance

2018 Mar 09

Trillions of dollars will be needed to fund the world s human development goals, and domestic banking sectors in rich and poor countries will be part of the solution


Amazon boss Jeff Bezos asks Twitter how he should spend $82bn fortune on good causes

2017 Jun 17

Social media was not short of responses. The billionaire, would-be philanthropist has received 15,000 responses within 24 hours


Are eight men as wealthy as half the world’s population?

2017 Jan 25

Oxfam’s headline-grabbing comparison has some flaws