Antitrust Alone Won’t Fix the Innovation Problem

2020 Nov 03

For all the attention on antitrust enforcement against the biggest US technology companies, the more important issue for the economy concerns the direction of technological change.


The grim fate that could be ‘worse than extinction’

2020 Oct 25

What would it take for a global totalitarian government to rise to power indefinitely? This nightmare scenario may be closer than first appears.


The Rise of Chinese AI in the Gulf: A Renewal of China’s ‘Serbia Model’

2020 Oct 20

Already a global leader in 5G infrastructure, China is investing heavily in a broader range of advanced technologies and seeking to introduce them globally as a means of achieving even...


AI Needs to Grow Up and Stop Chasing Its Long Tail

2020 Sep 24

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has evolved based on ‘deep neural networks’, which are modelled on our brain structures and have an insatiable appetite for data.


Pentagon: China Has Outpaced U.S. in some Defense Areas. Truth or Hype?

2020 Sep 11

Just as Congress is considering a $700 billion Defense authorization bill, a DoD report has come out that claims the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has already surpassed the US in missile development...


The Coming Global Technology Fracture

2020 Sep 11

The international trade regime we now have, expressed in the rules of the World Trade Organization and other agreements, is not of this world...


The Robot Question

2020 Aug 12

Although robots that can perform human labor will put downward pressure on wages in the short term, they also will increase the rate of profit, encouraging more investment and a recovery in the wage rate....


Dystopia Is Arriving in Stages

2020 Jan 05

Science fiction has a warning about developing mind-reading technology without any proper framework for how to control it.


Is Huawei Really More Dangerous than Facebook?

2019 Dec 27

US President Donald Trumps campaign against leading Chinese technology companies is driven by legitimate concerns.


Is Tech a New Frontier for Sustainability?

2019 Dec 18

Financial institutions must address the issue of technological sustainability, especially with regard to data, robotics, and artificial intelligence.


The Coming AI Spring

2019 Oct 15

Artificial intelligence can generate tremendous value for us all, if policymakers and businesses act swiftly and smartly to capture its full benefits and mitigate the inevitable risks...


Preventing Digital Feudalism

2019 Oct 14

By exploiting technologies that were originally developed by the public sector, digital platform companies have acquired a market position that allows them to extract massive....


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