Antitrust Alone Won’t Fix the Innovation Problem

2020 Nov 03

For all the attention on antitrust enforcement against the biggest US technology companies, the more important issue for the economy concerns the direction of technological change.


Democratizing Innovation

2020 Aug 24

Policymakers and the public at large understand the importance of innovation to economic growth and well being.


Innovation and Its Discontents

2016 Jul 02

Innovations frequently face high barriers to implementation, with governments sometimes banning new technologies outright


Innovation Is Not Enough

2016 Jun 13

Technological diffusion can be constrained on both the demand and supply sides of the economy


Populists and Productivity

2016 Jun 05

We are entering a new golden era of innovation, which will radically increase productivity growth and improve the way we live and work


The Clean Energy Revolution.. Fighting Climate Change With Innovation

2016 May 07

over 180 countries had submitted detailed plans to curb their greenhouse gas emissions.