Is there such a thing as a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ recession?

2020 Aug 24

How can the economic outlook appear so bleak, while economists remain upbeat? Not all recessions affect people equally.


Fiscal Policies for a Transformed World

2020 Jul 21

Policymakers should tackle the rising poverty and inequality, as well as the structural weaknesses exposed by the crisis to better prepare for future shocks.


Locking China Out of the Dollar System

2019 Oct 23

By broadening the nexus between economic interest and national security, Trump is encouraging the decoupling of the worlds two largest economies and the emergence of a bipolar world order led by rival hegemons.


The Return of Fiscal Policy

2019 Sep 23

With interest rates at record lows and global growth set to continue decelerating, there has rarely been a better time for governments to invest in infrastructure and other sources of...


Can UBI Survive Financialization?

2019 Jun 17

If a universal basic income is used primarily to service debt and secure new loans, it cannot fulfill its promise as a revolutionary pathway to freedom from the whip of the market


What if Zero Interest Rates Are the New Normal?

2019 Apr 01

The valid insight behind "modern monetary theory" – that governments and central banks together can always create nominal demand


How HR Leaders Can Win a Seat at the Table

2018 Jun 14

"Our people are our greatest asset."


Overcoming the Politics of Pessimism

2018 Jun 06

Pessimism afflicts those who have lost out economically


Managing the Risks of a Rising Dollar

2018 May 15

Some may view the US dollar’s appreciation as consistent with a longer-term rebalancing of the global economy. But, as Argentina’s recent request for IMF financing starkly demonstrates


What is sustainable finance?

2018 Apr 19

Environmental, social and governance issues are now a major factor in investment


The “free” economy comes at a cost

2017 Aug 28

But economists struggle to work out how much


The Economic Role of the State According to Imam Shirazi Thoughts

2017 Aug 08

Individuals have the right and the freedom to own whatever they like of production means


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