#Soft Powers

Is Trump a Turning Point in World Politics?

2020 Sep 05

Will Donald Trumps presidency mark a major turning point in world history, or was it a minor historical accident? Trumps electoral appeal may turn on domestic politics...


What Is a Moral Foreign Policy?

2020 Mar 08

A foreign policy should be judged not only by specific actions, but also by how a pattern of actions shapes the environment of world politics.


Power and Interdependence in the Trump Era

2019 Jul 07

US President Donald Trump has been accused of weaponizing economic globalization. Sanctions, tariffs, and the restriction of access to dollars have been major instruments of his foreign policy, and he has been unconstrained by allies, institutions, or rul


The End of the Democratic Century

2018 Dec 29

Autocracys Global Ascendance


Donald Trump and the Decline of US Soft Power

2018 Feb 10

The presidency of Donald Trump has eroded the soft power of America