Democratizing Innovation

2020 Aug 24

Policymakers and the public at large understand the importance of innovation to economic growth and well being.


The Robot Question

2020 Aug 12

Although robots that can perform human labor will put downward pressure on wages in the short term, they also will increase the rate of profit, encouraging more investment and a recovery in the wage rate....


Is Greed Destroying Your Soul?

2019 Sep 30

Greed is less about accumulating wealth than filling an inner void.


In Afrin, Turkey seeks ethnic cleansing, not terror eradication

2018 Feb 13

Today the United States and YPG have become partners. What happened?


Why do nations collapse?

2017 Aug 15

The collapse starts when the individual or the society will be unresponsive and will not be practically affected by its results


Civic State from Islamic Viewpoint

2017 Jul 19

Messages of Imam Alis to his governors and officials represented the clear-cut face of the Islamic policies in administering the state and the people


Anton Chekhov on the 8 Qualities of Cultured People

2017 Feb 01

“In order to feel comfortable among educated people, to be at home and happy with them, one must be cultured to a certain extent.”