The Rise of Chinese AI in the Gulf: A Renewal of China’s ‘Serbia Model’

2020 Oct 20

Already a global leader in 5G infrastructure, China is investing heavily in a broader range of advanced technologies and seeking to introduce them globally as a means of achieving even...


Pentagon: China Has Outpaced U.S. in some Defense Areas. Truth or Hype?

2020 Sep 11

Just as Congress is considering a $700 billion Defense authorization bill, a DoD report has come out that claims the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has already surpassed the US in missile development...


The Other Global Power Shift

2020 Aug 12

The world is increasingly obsessed with the ongoing power struggle between the US and China. But the technology-driven shift of power away from states to transnational actors....


Is China Helping Saudi Arabia to Build a Nuclear Bomb?

2020 Aug 08

Until Journal reporters asked the Saudis for comment, Riyadh had not acknowledged the existence of the plant. In terms of international protocols, that’s sort of OK but it suggests a lack of openness inconsistent with peaceful intent.


Navigating a Growing Chinese Influence in Iraqi Kurdistan

2020 Aug 04

The former prime ministers statement also shows how Asia has changed from a geographical term into a political and civilizational concept.


When China Met Iran

2020 Jul 29

A growing partnership between America’s main Middle East adversary and Asia’s rising superpower bears careful watching in Washington.


Is a China-US “Rivalry Partnership” Possible?

2020 Jul 29

One must hope that China and the United States will eventually arrive at an understanding that great-power competition does not preclude cooperation to resolve major global challenges.


Sino American Relations Continue to Sour

2020 Jul 23

If anyone thought that Chinese American relations could not get worse, they were wrong, as President Trump and the State Department ratcheted


China’s “Peaceful Rise” Vanishes in Thin Air

2020 Jun 20

With the worlds attention focused on the pandemic, Chinese troops have been establishing fixed positions in areas that even it considers to be on the Indian side of the disputed


The End of Europe’s Chinese Dream

2020 Jun 02

The COVID-19 crisis has pushed Europeans strategic thinking about China – already shifting because of three developments – past the tipping point. After years of pursuing closer bilateral economic ties, Europeans suddenly realize that they have become dan


China Is Its Own Worst Enemy

2020 May 27

Had Chinese President Xi Jinpings communist regime been wise, it would have sought to repair the pandemic-inflicted damage to Chinas image by showing empathy and compassion to other countries.


The Chinese Health Organization?

2020 Apr 26

If the World Health Organization is to spearhead international health policy and respond to disease outbreaks effectively, it must pursue deep reforms aimed at broadening its jurisdiction and authority.


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