#Muhammad bin Salman

Shifting Sands in the House of Saud with a King’s Declining Health

2020 Jul 23

King Salman may not be on his deathbed, but his son is renowned for not wanting to waste an opportunity.


How Would You Explain the Recent Spate of Arrests in Saudi Arabia?

2020 Mar 28

A regular survey of experts on matters relating to Middle Eastern and North African politics and security.


Implications of the Saudi Corruption Arrests

2020 Mar 20

The latest crackdown appears to have targeted senior defense and interior officials, spurring speculation that they are linked to previously detained princes rumored to be plotting a coup.


Making Sense of the Saudi Rumors: A Guide to Royal Family Politics

2020 Mar 12

Reports of royal arrests, a possible coup plot, and a brewing oil price war suggest that the kingdom is facing another period of considerable political tension.


Mohammed bin Salman's latest arrests expose weakness at heart of power

2020 Mar 11

The arrest of such high-ranking princes reveals the shaky ground on which the young princes future rests


Muslim Causes Versus National Interest: Muslim Nations Make Risky Bets

2019 Aug 19

Saudi attitudes towards the plight of thousands of illegal Rohingya in the kingdom fleeing persecution in Myanmar and squalid Bangladeshi refugee camps help explain Saudi support


The Worrisome Mystery of a Saudi Journalist’s Whereabouts

2018 Oct 06

If Riyadh did in fact order Khashoggi’s detention, it may be miscalculating the likely negative impact on U.S. diplomacy and Western investment.


Saudi Arabia Hits the Brakes on Reforms

2018 May 28

Arresting feminists does not inspire faith in the crown princes much hyped reform agenda.


A Saudi Silicon Valley? No easy feat, experts say

2018 Apr 06

In a country where dissenting social media users are jailed and bloggers are flogged, creating Silicon Valley-like environment may be difficult


Saudi crown prince tried to persuade Abbas to support US peace plan: Officials

2017 Dec 24

Mohammed bin Salman told the Palestinian president that the US was the only game in town when it came to the peace process


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