#Social Media

A researcher dismantles ISIS' recruitment plans through social media

2020 Oct 07

Social media became indispensable main platform used by extremist organizations to win new allegiants to support their scheme.


Dystopia Is Arriving in Stages

2020 Jan 05

Science fiction has a warning about developing mind-reading technology without any proper framework for how to control it.


Is Huawei Really More Dangerous than Facebook?

2019 Dec 27

US President Donald Trumps campaign against leading Chinese technology companies is driven by legitimate concerns.


The fight to keep the internet free and open for everyone

2019 Nov 04

Connecting the world is seen as a humanitarian mission for some technology evangelists – but ensuring a free and open web is a harder problem to solve.


Facebook’s Libra Must Be Stopped

2019 Jun 23

After years of disregarding privacy, exploiting user data, and failing to control its platform, Facebook has now unveiled a cryptocurrency and payment system that could take down the entire global economy.


The Christchurch Massacre Was Another Internet-Enabled Atrocity

2019 Mar 23

Facebook is no more obliged to accept a posting than the New York Times is to print a submitted article. The social media companies themselves bear the social responsibility for their content.


The New Zealand Attack and the Global Challenge of Far-Right Extremism

2019 Mar 22

Far-right attacks across the globe have increased because of immigration fears, far-right utilization of social media, and the inter-connectedness of extremist networks around the globe.


Why Facebook Will Never Die

2018 Jun 06

Despite scandals over fake news and data privacy, the social network is unlikely to disappear any time soon


Facebook and the Future of Online Privacy

2018 Apr 13

The EU has taken the lead in responding to abuse by the likes of Facebook, thanks to its new privacy standards and proposed greater taxation of peddlers of online personal data


A Saudi Silicon Valley? No easy feat, experts say

2018 Apr 06

In a country where dissenting social media users are jailed and bloggers are flogged, creating Silicon Valley-like environment may be difficult


Free Speech in the Filter Age

2018 Feb 17

In a democracy, the rights of the many cannot come at the expense of the rights of the few