#Haider al-Abadi

As Iraqi elections end, power play begins for prime minister

2018 May 31

The Islamic Dawa party, which has held sway over Iraqs government for a dozen years, could lose its power to select the prime minister unless it can resolve major differences between its inner rivals and unify the party.


Iraq’s Top 10 Potential Prime Ministers

2018 May 23

Will it be the Harvard- and MIT-educated mandarin, the coveralls-wearing man of the people — or someone else the world has never heard of?


Trump Can’t Afford to Forget About Iraq

2018 Apr 06

Having won the war, will the United States end up yet again squandering the peace?


The Remarkable Resilience of the Prime Minister of Iraq

2018 Jan 02

In December, Haider alAbadi declared victory over ISIS. But with Iranian militias still to contend with and tensions with the Kurds high, challenges to peace remain.


Iraq angered by transfer of ISIS from Lebanese border to east Syria

2017 Aug 30

Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi calls evacuating the militants to region near Iraq alarming and unacceptable