Scotland after Sterling

2020 Oct 19

Scottish advocates of leaving the United Kingdom need a plan for a new currency and an independent central bank...



2020 Aug 08

The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the long-term shift away from cash, and monetary authorities risk falling behind. A recent report from the G30 argues that if central banks want to shape the outcome, they need to start thinking fast.


The Wrath of Caesar

2020 Jun 11

The Makhlouf affair may accelerate a generalized collapse of Syrias economy and effective control over the country.


Currency chaos, exploding prices and burning banks

2020 May 18

In Lebanon, the local currency has slumped to a record low, people are losing their jobs and the price of food is skyrocketing. Despite the threat posed by the coronavirus, hundreds are taking to the streets in protest. Julia Neumann reports from Beirut


Coronavirus: Lebanon banks halt dollar withdrawals after pandemic closes airport

2020 Apr 01

US currency is imported into the country but Beiruts international airport is to remain closed until at least 12 April


The COVID-19 Cash Out

2020 Mar 22

While Chinese authorities have been destroying banknotes that have potentially come into contact with the coronavirus, Western countries remain woefully behind not just in their response to the pandemic


Can Iran Outlast Trump?

2019 Dec 11

Rather than attempting to beat Iran into submission with escalating economic sanctions, the international community should be attempting to guide it toward greater openness...


The Digital Money Revolution

2019 Nov 16

The rapid pace and sheer scale of innovation in digital currencies and mobile payments indicates that a monetary revolution is forthcoming. The choice for governments


How a Weaponized Dollar Could Backfire

2019 Oct 27

United States foreign policy under President Donald Trump continues to run counter to Americas traditional post-war objectives. Should the US carelessly relinquish leadership of the global multilateral order...


Argentina Must Not Waste Its Crisis

2019 Oct 26

To explain Argentinas chronic instability and episodic illiquidity, one must look beyond idiosyncratic leaders, temporary external shocks, and specific policy mistakes.


Locking China Out of the Dollar System

2019 Oct 23

By broadening the nexus between economic interest and national security, Trump is encouraging the decoupling of the worlds two largest economies and the emergence of a bipolar world order led by rival hegemons.


Will Lebanese wait hours in gas lines as fuel crisis bites?

2019 Sep 30

Lebanese citizens are living day by day the repercussions of the dollar scarcity crisis, as the fuel sector threatens an open strike next week if the government fails to find a proper solution.


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