It is time to reform the management of the hajj

2020 Jul 29

This year, however, the hajj has become another casualty of COVID-19. Last month, Saudi Arabia banned the hajj for international visitors, drastically reducing the number of people able to perform the sacred ritual.


Erdogan to Make Hagia Sophia a Mosque Again, But Will It Help Him?

2020 Jul 12

Turkeys president seems focused on cementing his legacy and boosting his popularity with voters, but the move is more likely to damage the countrys international brand.


India’s Democratic Dictatorship

2019 Sep 24

Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Indias character is being transformed by a government with no regard for institutions


Narendra Modi’s New-Model India

2019 Aug 21

By asserting direct government control over Kashmir, Indias prime minister is remaking the country in the image of his chauvinist party.


Supreme religious authority and the dilemma of forming the next Iraqi government

2018 Sep 11

the supreme religious authority reminded the citizens by inviting them previously to participate freely and widely in the elections to choose the best


How Religion Made a Global Comeback in 2017

2017 Dec 24

Nationalism, often expressed in religious terms, is a key organizing principle in the foreign policy of President Trump