The deadly viruses that vanished without trace

2020 Oct 01

Scientists are only just starting to unravel why some viruses disappear, while others can linger and cause disease for centuries.


The people with hidden immunity against Covid-19

2020 Jul 29

While the latest research suggests that antibodies against Covid-19 could be lost in just three months, a new hope has appeared on the horizon: the enigmatic T cell.


What if all viruses disappeared?

2020 Jun 22

If all viruses disappeared, the world would be very different — and not necessarily for the better. But what exactly would happen?


We’ll Be Wearing Things on Our Faces for a Long Time

2020 May 23

You can choose between a mask and a face shield, but you can’t choose nothing.


Series of discussions in Annabaa Forum for Dialogue

2020 May 05

Medical, scientific, and instructional lectures regarding coronavirus


Target R and Wait for the Vaccine

2020 Apr 29

Opening up the economy means allowing more human interaction and hence greater potential for new #COVID19 infections. Two numbers matter for deciding whether this can be done safely any time soon.


The Chinese Health Organization?

2020 Apr 26

If the World Health Organization is to spearhead international health policy and respond to disease outbreaks effectively, it must pursue deep reforms aimed at broadening its jurisdiction and authority.


The Moral Crisis of the Pandemic

2020 Apr 20

COVID-19 has intensified our dependence on local communities, and we are riveted by stories of community resilience in the face of an unseen peril.


I Can’t Stop Thinking About Patient One

2020 Apr 16

Italy shows us that controlling the pandemic will require reshaping family life in much of the world.


Will COVID-19 Remake the World?

2020 Apr 13

No one should expect the pandemic to alter – much less reverse – tendencies that were evident before the crisis. Neoliberalism will continue its slow death, populist autocrats will become even more authoritarian, and the left will continue to struggle to


Welcome to the Post-Virus World

2020 Apr 01

Just two months ago, most people believed that random mass death no longer stalked the Earth. Reconciling ourselves with the reality that it does clarifies much, including how to....


The Race Between Economics and COVID-19

2020 Mar 28

For years, the economics profession has suffered from a stubborn reluctance to adopt a more multidisciplinary approach. But now that the COVID-19


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