#Nuclear Deal

What explains the decline of Iran’s moderates? It’s not Trump

2020 Jun 28

Why have Irans moderates and reformists lost public support, and what will this mean for Irans foreign policy?


There’s a Deal to Be Had Between the U.S. and Iran

2019 Jul 17

If Tehran agrees to extend the JCPOAs sunset provisions and curtail its activity in Syria and Lebanon, Washington may be willing to lift the nuclear sanctions and create a special-purpose vehicle.


The End of the Iran Deal Spells the End of Iranian Moderates

2018 Jul 10

The end of the Iran Deal will strengthen the hand of Tehrans hardliners


Will Trump’s Iran Strategy Work?

2018 Jun 11

While cost imposition works by making the other side pay for its policies, it ultimately targets the domestic economy and the popular support of the opposing regime.


Iran and Europe Prepare for Sanctions

2018 Jun 04

Everyone is waiting for Europe to make its move even as European companies in Iran are beginning to prepare their exit from the country


Iraqi politicians look to calm tensions in wake of US withdrawal from Iran deal

2018 May 25

The US withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal poses questions about the role of the Iran-backed Shiite armed factions in bringing the US-Iranian confrontation into Iraq.


The battle for the Iranian nuclear deal: China approaches a watershed

2018 May 24

Fault lines in the Middle East have hardened because of Israel, Saudi and United Arab Emirates assertiveness, emboldened by both a US administration that is more partisan in its Middle East policy


Trapping Trump?

2018 May 23

The hardliners on the nuclear deal with Iran are leaving the U.S. president with one option, namely war.