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After losing the control over invaded territories, ISIS is looking for new paths to takeover new areas. Yet, this time is over the internet to brainwash new minds and execute new plans.

Ali Al-Talikani, a specialized researcher in terrorism affairs, says: ISIS is on a pursuit for new paths to achieve its targets, and now by resorting to internet and using the lockdown to expand its biological warfare.

He added: there are two worrying possibilities: the first is improving technical skills for its adherents to launch their propaganda through Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. While the other possibility is using the biological weapons, nevertheless, coronavirus provoked fear among people, but made the idea of using these weapons more common.

Even though ISIS possess limited information regarding biological weapons like Smallpox and Anthrax, it is possible for the organization to examine some experiments in releasing a plague as a weapon through attacking one of the high tech scientific labs He stated.

The researcher draws on the affairs of extremist groups in his speech to, that the organization was used by chlorine gas and in Syria there were accusations of using sarin and nerve gas VX or less sophisticated gases such as mustard, and both used them before.

And on the readiness of the security forces in their continuous war against terrorism, the security expert says, The security forces have gained high experiences through their military approach, which included responding to any violence. Noting, There is an advanced option represented by the use of smart power, which is the mixture of soft power and preventive power in order to address the root causes of violence and terrorism, in addition to the approach to catching remnants and heads and enhancing the confidence of exchanging international and regional information on the one hand and enhancing confidence with societies and individuals on the other hand.

Al-Talaqani notes that “traditional solutions are still important, as the security services need to modernize the system of accurate procedures through freezing assets and imposing travel bans on weapons and setting criteria for inclusion in the textures for the inclusion of personalities and entities associated with the organization and combating money laundering, financing and proliferation of weapons.”

The efforts should not be lost in the face of the terrorist threat, which is still complicated and has various aspects, it must continue to mobilize efforts in combating propaganda and extremism, drying up funding sources, and preparing for the return of terrorists to the country, security expert Ali Al-Talqani added.

In a move that could be smarter, not to fully look at those who spread violence on the Internet, they will become violent and they are destined to commit attacks, so the relationship between extremist ideas and crimes can be studied. So we need an improved system through Collecting data on global extremism and studying field cases that take into account the surrounding environment.