By:Ali Altalaqani

The Iraqi federal government has reached an agreement with the

government of Kurdistan region on the latter 2021 budget’s share. Yet, the region’s share remains the same as before during Adel Abd Al-Mahdi governance era.

Ahmed Al-Saffar, the Rapporteur of the parliamentary financial committee, said in a statement to Annabaa News Agency: the federal government and the region’s government reached an agreement on the region’s share of 2021 budget.

He added: Kurdistan region governmental delegation reached an agreement with the Iraqi government regarding the region’s share of 2021 budget. Yet, the terms remain the same as it was during Adel abd Al-Mahdi and Mustafa Al-Kadhemi eras.

A high-level delegation of Kurdistan region, headed by the minister of finance Awat Sheikh Janab, travelled to Baghdad to initiate negotiations with the Iraqi government.