Annabaa Forum for Dialogue, with Roaya Association for Comprehensive Society Development held a dialogue session entitled “Anti-torture necessity for Crminal Justice”. The session was attended by a group of experts, academics, media professionals, governmental institutions and media in Al-Najaf.

Alaa Al-Sylawi, the forum’s director, said to Annabaa News Agency: Generally, Annabaa Forum for Dialogue discusses every issue that concern the citizen, and a significant one in Iraq that is torture cases during interrogations to get a confession.

He added: Dr. Ali Al-Zorfi, the director of planning division in Al-Najaf Police Department, delivered a lecture regarding training detectives on different modern investigation mechanisms, Forensic science and not to consider confession as a main evidence or the only method to get the truth.

On her side, Dr. Ruaa Al-Darwish said: the civil society interacts with the values of patriotism and morals hoping to change knowledge and cultural ground of the society, yet, from time to time, this hope collides with behaviors that take us back to the time of dictatorship when all priciples of humanity and human rights were crushed.

She added: what happened in the governorate of Babylon of taking a forced confession that suits the detective’s imagination away from reality requires a righteous thorough investigation to examine the cases and the behaviors experienced by the society.

She underlined: we live today in shadow of horror of this event as we host experts’ professors to shed light on legal details and to treat this deviated behavior of the general legal methods that says “the accused is presumed innocent until proved guilty”.