Iraq after its looted artifacts

A Collaboration with International Missions
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A Collaboration with International Missions

The Iraqi ambassador in Italy, Safia Al-Suhail, confirmed that Iraq has retrieved a great number of looted artifacts with the collaboration of international missions and other countries.

Al- Suhail stated to the official journal: Iraqi diplomacy-services pays great attention to retrieving looted artifacts’ case. The previous phase was highly active and managed to recover many of the looted artifacts abroad.

The ambassador explained: the diplomacy services to retrieve Iraqi artifacts started years ago, some of the cases forced our staff to take legal audits to prove artifacts’ ownership whether they were displayed in global museums, or were possessed by other parties. Great efforts were exerted by: the diplomacy services to successfully recover those artifacts to our homeland where they belong.

She added: the recovery was achieved with the collaboration of countries of the world, especially with the Italian staff. Throughout diplomacy and the Iraqi embassy in Rome, we were able to retrieve many historical artifacts that possess a significant value as they were displayed in the ministry of foreign affairs recently.