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Representative of the Coordination Framework, Muhammad Al-Baldawi, warned of the continued rise in edible oil prices in the Iraqi markets, among the reasons for this rise.

Al-Baldawi said, in an interview with "Al-Nabaa Agency", that "there is a significant increase in the prices of edible oil in the Iraqi markets, and there are fears that this rise will continue, and for this the competent government agencies are urgently required to intervene and control prices in the market, otherwise, it will be There are angry popular reactions, especially since edible oil is one of the things that Iraqi families use on a daily basis."

And he indicated that "the reasons for the significant rise in edible oil prices are the control of some traders on the market, the absence of supervision over them by the competent government agencies, as well as the exploitation of the proximity of the holy month of Ramadan. Every year with the approach of this blessed month, traders manipulate prices for their interests, without Think of the poor citizen, who constitutes the majority of Iraqi society."