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The director of Annabaa Organization for Media and Culture and the journalist Ali Altalkani met with the Canadian Institute of Governance in Karbala province where they discussed federalism and financial decentralization within the framework of the Canadian experience.

Ali Altalkani said that this meeting comes after the workshop held earlier in which an experience was presented to one of the countries that has a long history in the field of fiscal federalism or financial decentralization.

The meeting comes at a crucial time and we have explained to the delegation the role of the civil society organizations and the studies centers; specifically in training, rehabilitation and providing ideas and solutions through training and developing and improving the role of organizations in the rehabilitation process.

The director of the institute, Marie Antoinette, said: “that the aim of the meeting is to give some ideas, principles and practices on federalism and financial decentralization to take it in consideration for applying it in Iraq, as well as to concentrate on the financial arrangements that are required to implement successful decentralization and to found the basis for further discussions in the future”. She added: “the main reasons of this tendency towards decentralization are reducing the power of the central government as part of the transition towards a market economy, increasing public involvement and accountability in decision-making, improving the performance of local governments to provide better local public services and finally contributing in conflict resolution, which comes in the interest of citizens.