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Karbala/ Anna'baa' news: The Iraqi Joint Forces regained control on Mosul city from the clutches of Da'ish (ISIS) terrorist organization, which suffered heavy losses in its own den of the so-called Caliphate State.

In figures, Anna'baa' will demonstrate Da'ish human and material losses, which are as follows:

- Human losses : 1944 killed.

- 65 vehicles destroyed.

- Demolition 20 cars full with explosives and 24 motorcycles.

- Destroying 5 communications towers.

- Demolishing 8 tunnels.

- Exploding 8 houses.

- Foiling 71 attacks with explosive belts.

- Dismantling 252 explosives.

On the other hand, Chairman of the Iraqi Parliamentary Security and Defence Commission Hakim al-Zamili disclosed the killing of more than 28.000 Da'ish members and arresting more than 4000, as well as terminating 400 Da'ish field leaders and commanders.

In a TV statement, he added that the foreign Da'ish m embers came to Iraq form 68 countries, where 9000 came from Asia, 3000 from Saudi Arabia, 4000 for Tunisia and other foreign counties as well as other neighboring countries.

The Iraqi forces managed to liberate Nineveh province, except for some pockets, within 267 days.