Annabaa participates in minorities’ rights workshop

319 2017-08-07

A delegation from Annabaa Organization for Culture and Media, Holy City of Karbala, took part in a seminar organized by al-Nahrain Center for Strategic Studies of the National Security Chandlery in Baghdad.

The workshop was organized under the motto "The Challenges that Face the Minorities in Nineveh Plateau in Post-Da'ish Era".

The workshop was attended by great number of governmental, political and security personalities, in addition to a representative of the Popular Mobilization Forces and a number of Turkmen, Shabak, Izidi and Christian researchers.

In an interview with Annabaa correspondent, member of the Turkmen Salvation Establishment Engineer Mehdi Sa'doun Jaffar pointed that the establishment submitted a paper on the future of Nineveh Plateau.

The study was titled "Nineveh's Plateau … a safe haven for minorities in Iraq".

The workshop was opened by Staff General Mehdi Na'eem and a paper was submitted by Sa'ib Khidir Nayif under the title of "The post-liberation challenges of Izidis".

Another paper for the Shabak component was submitted by Hussein Shakir Mahmoud under the heading "The future of Nineveh Plateau after liberation".

A third paper of the Christian component was submitted under the title "Future vision for political, administrative and security solutions for minorities' areas in Nineveh", which was presented by Dr. Bashar Sa'doun.

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