Annabaa Staff discusses work challenges

What accomplished in the last year and what to look for in 2022
What accomplished in the last year and what to look for in 2022

Annabaa Organization for Media and Culture held its staff annual meeting to discuss the 2022 plan and to maintain a new vision regarding cultural and media fields as well as forums, dialogues, and conferences inside Iraq or abroad. Accordingly, developing the institutional work by listening to the teams’ individuals regarding their duties and their visions.

Organizing this meeting was significant on different levels such as timing and content. The continuing and constructive efforts exerted by Annabaa team, are to strengthen integration within the framework of culture, media, and research on both official and civil levels.

The meeting aimed at reaching an agreement and a target of exchanging knowledge, information, and cultural interdependency among the institution’s staff, who have shown excellent determination and uniqueness. The team has given an exceptional concern towards improving intellectual creativity and overcoming internal and external challenges. Eventually, the team knows that intellectual improvement is a fundamental factor in achieving cultural and social sustainable progress.