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Coronavirus invaded the world harvesting casualties day after day. Started in Wuhan, china reaching the Arab world and crossing the Iraqi borders through visitors from Iran as it is considered as the second largest country in virus infected people.

The Iraqi healthcare has deteriorated with lack of medical supplies in the last years. As the proverb says "Prevention is better than cure", Non-governmental organizations with cooperation with teams from ministry of Health and ministry of Environment started raising awareness campaigns regarding the dangers of this new virus as well as undermining it with available tools.

Iraqi journalists' women protection center started raising health awareness campaign in highly populated areas where the poor families make the largest proportion. Annabaa Organization for media and culture contributed in the campaign as thousands of health masks and health guides were distributed.

The initiative came after the lack of health masks in pharmacies and the raise of its prices especially for the poor families. This matter needed taking a step towards providing these masks and having quick mobile lectures during this campaign.

Suzan Al-Shimari, the deputy of Annabaa Organization in Baghdad, confirmed that the organization with all its resources support whatever helps in delimiting the spread of this fatal virus.

"Annabaa Organization for media and culture is very concerned with supporting and assisting any humanitarian and media activity that would contribute in providing essential services that may help our country", she added.