#World Order

How America Can Shore up Asian Order, A Strategy for Restoring Balance and Legitimacy

2021 Jan 17

Regional orders work best when they sustain both balance and legitimacy.


Is Trump a Turning Point in World Politics?

2020 Sep 05

Will Donald Trumps presidency mark a major turning point in world history, or was it a minor historical accident? Trumps electoral appeal may turn on domestic politics...


The Other Global Power Shift

2020 Aug 12

The world is increasingly obsessed with the ongoing power struggle between the US and China. But the technology-driven shift of power away from states to transnational actors....


After the Liberal International Order

2020 Jul 08

If Joe Biden defeats Donald Trump in November, the question he will face is not whether to restore the liberal international order. It is whether the US can work with an inner core of allies to promote democracy and human rights while cooperating with


The Pandemic Must End Our Complacency

2020 Jun 22

With an economic downturn as severe as the Great Depression and political conditions similar to those in the run-up to World War I, an international system built on globalization now hangs in the balance.


Building a Post-Pandemic World Will Not Be Easy

2020 May 04

While both remind us that the Anthropocene epoch may jeopardize our continued existence, and that benign everyday behavior can result in catastrophic outcomes, such similarities must not obscure crucial differences.


The Coronavirus Could Reshape Global Order

2020 Apr 12

China Is Maneuvering for International Leadership as the United States Falters


Listening to the Pandemic

2020 Mar 20

The COVID-19 crisis is an opportunity to call some of the political mistakes of recent years by their name and adjust our trajectory according to the compass of reality.


What COVID-19 Means for International Cooperation

2020 Mar 10

A clear parallel between the growing COVID-19 pandemic and climate change is emerging. In particular, both phenomena highlight the need for much closer forward-looking international cooperation to reduce and manage global threats.


What Is a Moral Foreign Policy?

2020 Mar 08

A foreign policy should be judged not only by specific actions, but also by how a pattern of actions shapes the environment of world politics.


A Tale of Two Demagogues

2020 Mar 02

Economic nationalism is on the rise, and democracy is on the wane. Given those worrying trends, the recent meetings in India between US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi may yet come to be seen as the apotheosis of dystopia.


Building Cooperation in an Unsettled World

2020 Jan 25

While the changing nature of global power may tempt some actors to seek advantage through confrontation, the expanding field of stakeholders offers the possibility of a course correction.


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