Democratic Party

Biden Celebrates First Year in Office with Extensive Press Conference


Biden held his second press conference of his presidency this week. And, although it wasn’t one of the publicized reasons...


America’s Aging Leadership


The key points of the piece were that President Biden and Vice President Harris are so unpopular that it might be time to consider another candidate like Hillary...


Republicans Shock Experts in Off Year Elections


One of the few near- truths in American politics is that the party in control of the White House incurs losses in off year elections. That was true in 2021.


Battle for the Soul of the US Supreme Court


The death of the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, last week is more than another fight over nominating and approving a new Supreme Court...


The USA on the brink of civil war


In this article, the author seeks to draw our attention to a fact that is difficult for Westerners to conceive of: The American people are experiencing a crisis of civilization. They are so deeply divided that the presidential election is not just about e


Concerns Abound About a Vague Presidential Election Results in November


The question of who takes over a position of power has always been a major cause of civil war. In England, it was the War of the Roses, which saw several nobles lay claim to the English Crown...


Biden Picks a Running Mate


The last piece for the 2020 presidential election has been put in place – the choice of Biden’s vice-presidential running mate. The choice is junior California Senator Kamala Harris