The COVID-19 Cash Out

2020 Mar 22

While Chinese authorities have been destroying banknotes that have potentially come into contact with the coronavirus, Western countries remain woefully behind not just in their response to the pandemic


Is Greed Destroying Your Soul?

2019 Sep 30

Greed is less about accumulating wealth than filling an inner void.


Why Reinvent the Monetary Wheel?

2018 May 25

Cryptocurrencies promise to realize Friedrich Hayek’s dream of a free market in money. But human societies have discovered no better way to keep the value of money roughly constant than by relying on central banks to exercise control over its issue


The Old Allure of New Money

2018 May 23

The cryptocurrency revolution, which started with bitcoin in 2009, claims to be inventing new kinds of money


Islamic State has been stashing millions of dollars in Iraq and abroad

2018 Feb 26

As their so-called caliphate crumbles, the jihadists are saving up to fight another day


Amazon boss Jeff Bezos asks Twitter how he should spend $82bn fortune on good causes

2017 Jun 17

Social media was not short of responses. The billionaire, would-be philanthropist has received 15,000 responses within 24 hours