Testing Iraq’s Ability to Crack Down on Anti-U.S. Terrorism

2020 Jul 01

After Kataib Hezbollah was caught red-handed prepping new rocket strikes, justice needs to be served, and Iraqs government needs to be better secured.


Syria: Will the Great Middle Eastern War Begin in the Levant?

2020 Jun 24

It is well known that Israel possesses enormous firepower and strong armed forces for land, sea, and air combat, and is better equipped than any other army in the Middle East.


Destroying Lebanon to Save It

2020 Jun 13

Conservative Republicans have unveiled a report that could have terrible consequences for a country already facing ruin.


The Shia vs. the ‘Shia Crescent’

2020 Mar 10

Whether by force or politics, Iran desperately needs to reconsolidate power among Shia constituencies throughout the region, but this challenge may prove insurmountable given current public sentiment in Iraq and Lebanon.


Iran tasked Nasrallah with uniting Iraqi proxies after Soleimanis death

2020 Jan 25

Hezbollah leader sponsors truce talks, with Iraqi paramilitaries endorsing Hadi al-Amiri as PMF leader and Tehran courting Moqtada al-Sadr in bid to form united resistance


Saudi crown prince tried to persuade Abbas to support US peace plan: Officials

2017 Dec 24

Mohammed bin Salman told the Palestinian president that the US was the only game in town when it came to the peace process


Saudi Arabia’s Lebanon gamble may pay off

2017 Dec 02

Saudi Arabia gamble to pressure Hezbollah by forcing Saad Hariri to resign may be paying off


Iraq angered by transfer of ISIS from Lebanese border to east Syria

2017 Aug 30

Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi calls evacuating the militants to region near Iraq alarming and unacceptable