Erdogan to Make Hagia Sophia a Mosque Again, But Will It Help Him?

2020 Jul 12

Turkeys president seems focused on cementing his legacy and boosting his popularity with voters, but the move is more likely to damage the countrys international brand.


Diyanet – Turkey's religious authority that makes millions

2019 Oct 29

Turkeys highest religious authority brings in huge profits, say experts. But as a historic brewery in Istanbul faces demolition, critics argue that such profiteering is not in line with Islam.


Archaeologists Just Discovered a Bronze-Age City in Northern Iraq

2016 Nov 12

Took some digging, but there’s finally good news coming out of Iraq


The Problem with Politicians as Historians

2016 Jun 22

Many politicians continue to spin the facts even after they have left office. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once boasted that, History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it