Divisions in Iraqi Kurdistan Are Costing the United States a Reliable Partner

2020 Aug 03

If Kurdish leaders do not find a way to get beyond petty squabbles and into governing, they will be unable to pull the KRI out of its current nosedive or put their relationship with Washington on more solid ground.


What explains the decline of Iran’s moderates? It’s not Trump

2020 Jun 28

Why have Irans moderates and reformists lost public support, and what will this mean for Irans foreign policy?


State Prestige Support Conference demands forming a council of Iraqi experts

2020 Mar 04

Annabaa Organization participated in the conference


Almost HALF of Tory members want to 'reduce Muslims coming to UK', shock poll shows

2019 Jul 21

A poll for Hope Not Hate has alarming revelations about the 160,000 Conservative members who will choose our next Prime Minister


Annabaa Forum for Dialogue discusses formation of coming Iraqi government

2018 May 31

Annabaa Forum for Dialogue held its session to discuss the “Scenarios to form the Iraqi government