Political Sectarianism in Iraq, Forum

454 2017-07-11

Karbala/ Anna'baa' news: Anna'baa' Forum for Dialogue held its monthly seminar to discuss the effects of Iraqi political sectarianism on the state.

The seminar was attended by academic and political personalities, in addition to the participation of media organs.

The lecture was submitted by Mr. Ahmed al-Sheikh Majid, writer and media personality, where he reviewed the political conflicts, which were described as political and religious sectarianism throughout the Iraqi political history, as well as its effects on the regional and international media.

He tackled the talks on the connotation of sectarianism and its position in the modern state that adopts democracy and enhancing human rights, particularly in the countries that have political and religious diversifications.

In a statement to Anna'baa' news agency, Al-Sheikh stated that the organization of this seminar is to lay down the main problem s and knowing its historical roots, as well as its role in demolishing religious and cultural pluralism, as well as inciting religious conflicts instead of co-existence.

He stressed the importance of the non-governmental organization (NGOs) to disseminate the public consciousness.

On the other hand, Director of the Forum Ali altalkani, writer and journalist, pointed, stressed on the importance of discussing this aspect in order to confront sectarians on the political and religious levels, in the light of the current situations in the Islamic and Arab worlds, particularly with the increase of sectarian conflicts between the two main component, Sunnis and Shiites as well as the Arabs and the Kurds", that led to armed conflicts in many Arab countries and their dangers on Iraq, in particular.

"The timing and this topic coincide with our victories to regain Mosul city, which is an important shift on the internal politics since the downfall of dictatorship in 2003, as well as narrow interests on the expense of the national interests", he confirmed.

The seminar witnessed active participation that resulted in expanded discussions that stressed on the importance of getting rid of the political sectarianism in Iraq, which fatigues the whole components of the Iraqi society.

The Forum is an integral part of Anna'baa' Organization for Culture and media.

It is an instrument to incite incentives for new ideas to support governmental establishments and NFOs, as well as providing necessary advice.

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