The Coming Global Technology Fracture

2020 Sep 11

The international trade regime we now have, expressed in the rules of the World Trade Organization and other agreements, is not of this world...


Is a China-US “Rivalry Partnership” Possible?

2020 Jul 29

One must hope that China and the United States will eventually arrive at an understanding that great-power competition does not preclude cooperation to resolve major global challenges.


A Better Globalization

2020 Jul 23

Globalization has given rise to legitimate frustrations and concerns, which can’t be assuaged simply by recalling the enormous benefits it has brought.


Less Globalization, More Multilateralism

2020 Jun 14

While some degree of deglobalization may be desirable today, this process also carries grave risks, from skyrocketing production costs to geopolitical conflict.


A Chronicle of a Lost Decade Foretold

2020 May 31

Many on the left still cling to the hope that the COVID-19 crisis will translate into the use of state power on behalf of the powerless. But those in authority have never hesitated to harness government intervention to the preservation of oligarchy...


The International Order After COVID-19

2020 Apr 28

At first blush, the coronavirus pandemic seems likely to corroborate the argument for deeper international cooperation to confront shared global challenges. But crises tend to intensify and accelerate preexisting trends – in this case, the rise of anti-gl


The Moral Crisis of the Pandemic

2020 Apr 20

COVID-19 has intensified our dependence on local communities, and we are riveted by stories of community resilience in the face of an unseen peril.


Will COVID-19 Remake the World?

2020 Apr 13

No one should expect the pandemic to alter – much less reverse – tendencies that were evident before the crisis. Neoliberalism will continue its slow death, populist autocrats will become even more authoritarian, and the left will continue to struggle to


Listening to the Pandemic

2020 Mar 20

The COVID-19 crisis is an opportunity to call some of the political mistakes of recent years by their name and adjust our trajectory according to the compass of reality.


What COVID-19 Means for International Cooperation

2020 Mar 10

A clear parallel between the growing COVID-19 pandemic and climate change is emerging. In particular, both phenomena highlight the need for much closer forward-looking international cooperation to reduce and manage global threats.


A Pandemic of Deglobalization?

2020 Mar 03

At this stage, there is no telling how bad the COVID-19 epidemic will become before the contagion subsides or an effective, widely available vaccine is rolled out.


How the IMF Can Battle Gradual Irrelevance

2019 Nov 24

The convening power of the IMF and the World Bank is unquestionably strong, if not unique. Every year, their annual meetings attract top economic and financial officials from more than 180 countries


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