Dr. Ansam Qassim Hajim
College of Imam Kadhim - Islamic Sciences University / Babylon
Submitted to
Scientific Conference to the Collage of Law - University of Kufa


Legislative reform is a path towards good governance and fighting corruption


In view of the need to provide a legal and social framework that respects and protects human rights and the creation of an international and national environment that guarantees a society of security and stability, the impact of corruption on human rights should be examined through the search for the protection of the right to a society free of corruption. Corruption is a serious problem and a global phenomenon that threatens the security and stability of the international community to such a degree that it has become a serious phenomenon related to organized crime, terrorism and terrorism. Trafficking in drugs, human beings and money laundering. This crime is a serious crime that undermines the justice system and the rule of law and violates human rights.

Corruption in its broad sense has a great impact on human rights, which it undermines and violates because it constitutes an obstacle to its enjoyment. The United Nations human rights machinery has sought to examine the interrelationship between the fight against corruption and human rights. The Sub commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights of the Economic Council (2002/2 of 9 August 2002) condemned corruption and brought those who commit acts of corruption to international justice if they escaped national justice. Therefore, the human rights situation in the international community had to be reviewed.

In particular the P Iraq, and the extent of its impact on corruption rampant in the country, in order to clarify the international obligations, including the State of Iraq in the protection of this right, and seek to contribute to the development of sophisticated mechanisms parallel to the aggravation of the problem of corruption and the seriousness of the development of methods, and this required recourse to many laws in force in Iraq From the Constitution to the basic laws relevant to the subject matter of the study, in particular the relevant international conventions and the efforts of the United Nations Organization in this regard, the right to a society free from corruption is governed by domestic law, but as a result of its worldwide spread and undermining the justice system The rule of law, the violation of human rights and the obstruction of development, it is necessary to combine international efforts to put an end to them, especially as such protection is one of the common principles agreed upon by States under Article 55 of the Charter of the United Nations to achieve lasting peace among peoples, Collective security is dedicated.