Plan to sign memo of understanding with Nahrain Center

336 2017-08-06

A delegation from Annabaa Organization for Culture and Media, Holy city of Karbala , visited Al-Nahrain Center for Strategic Studies of the National Security Chancellery in the capital, Baghdad.

The visiting delegation met the senior administrative directors, particularly President of the Iraqi Group for Strategic Studies Mr. Wathiq al-Hashimi.

The delegation was acquainted on the functions and activities of the centre, as well as discussing a draft plan for cooperation between the two sides to hold seminars, conferences and joint workshops.

In a statement to Annabaa correspondent, Mr. Al-Hashimi hailed the join t relations between the two centers, as well as the role of Annabaa Center and reputation inside the country and abroad.

He added that "there is a future plan for signing series of agreements, as well as the exchange of lectures, activities and workshops between the two parties".

On the other side, Editing Director of Annabaa Information Network Kamal Ubaid pointed that the continued contacts and partnership with Al-Nahrain Center, as one of the solemn research centers, is an important step to enhance the thoughts of renovation and regaining the role of scientific research and the freedom of knowledge in building development and reforms, as well as deepening moderation and middle-sided ideas, building the senses of criticism and combating excessiveness, intolerance and sectarianism on both levels of thoughts and culture.

"We hope that the horizons of scientific cooperation between the two sides will be integrated that will observe the changes in current reality, values, thoughts, development of political, legal and constitutional systems, in addition to contributing in reviving scientific culture in the society, its relations with the human development and civilizational uprising, development of researches in social, humanitarian, political and legal fields", he confirmed.

On the other hand, Public Relations Director of the Establishment stressed the keenness to sign memoranda with other solemn centers and universities to exchange knowhow and reduce obstacles to develop security, political and economic fields, as well as other studies and researches.

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