Sponsored by Annabaa Organization, college of Media at the University of Baghdad holds its annual festival.

402 2017-06-17

College of Media at the university of Baghdad / Press Department and in cooperation with Annabaa organization for media and culture held its 11th annual festival under the motto (by Science and Knowledge, we build Our Home and Defeat Terrorism)

Among the attendance were the Dean of the College Mr. Hashim Hassan Al-tamimi, the head of the department ASST PROF Dr. Hussein Ali Noor, and a number of college deans, professors of governmental and private universities, along with the participation of the teachers and the students of media department, besides the participation of Annabaa delegation in the festival.

The director of the Organization and the journalist, Ali Al-talikani said to Annabaa news agency "the organization has taken a number of steps and epistemic foundations to establish professional media. These foundations are committing to press principles through carrying out country and society’s duty, defending the freedom of speech and human rights, not forgetting to stress on man’s responsibility to hold officials accountable through developing investigative journalism and to practice this job professionally as truth and honesty are the best means to raise our speech high. "We can clearly see that the college of media and the press section has taken some major steps towards knowledge and science to confront the terroristic mentality in our society”.

Al-talekani also said: “We are truly grateful to the festival's executives who are seeking to found a firm ground to media that is based on knowledge and science and heading towards deep analysis, strong vision and suitable alternatives in order to spread awareness in Iraq which goes hand in hand with what the country suffers from, whether it is terrorism or political conflict".

The festival has featured documentary, advertising films along with a play for the students of the department, and poetry recitals. An art exhibition of fifty cartoon landscapes was presented in the festival on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, besides student's productions of all stages.

At the end of the festival, shields and certificates were handed to the College Council, professors of the press department, the students, the festival sponsors namely (Annabaa Organization for media and culture) and to other contributors and guests.

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