The scientific conference entitled (Coronavirus and its psychological, social, and political effects) was launched on Wednesday. It was hosted by Annabaa Organization for Media and Culture, Al-Furatain Center for Studies and Researches, and National Elite and Competencies Institution for reformation. The Conference included electronic scientific research workshops regarding Coronavirus and its psychological, social, and political effects on the electronic app (ZOOM) and was managed by Dr. Zainab Al-Siraj.

The first session entitled (The Psychological effects of Coronavirus) was delivered by the Medical Consultant Dr. Salih Damad from London.

Damad said that many changes have accompanied coronavirus which has a direct effect on men. The first effect is the psychological one as a result of the economic circumstances, quarantine, and social distancing.

The consultant divided those changes depending on what they affect, women, children, social relationships, culture, and art.

We have been through different dramatic phases: shock, confusion, doubting, fear, over-searching for information, distrusting the government, conspiracy theory propagation, and social stigma commonness. The contradictory statements of the officials and some clergymen made things worse and created a state of panic to the people he added.

Damad stated: a number of positive action also accompanied the pandemic; social solidarity, reorganizing priorities by putting the family first, and the growing health awareness for most of the people.

The Doctor called for expressing sympathy for the infected, depending on a reliable source of information, lessen unnecessary expenses, and adopt safety procedures.

Ali Al-Talikani, a researcher and the director of Annabaa Organization for Media and Culture, talked about the importance of treating those psychological cases among the security forces considering they face two major threats: terrorist organizations, and coronavirus as the invisible enemy.

Al-Talikani added: The modern armies acknowledge the psychological effect of the fighters. He also pointed out a recent field study shows a decline in the fighter's performance as he goes through some dramatic shocks in wars and epidemics. The researcher called for establishing a therapeutic unit for such cases.

The workshops will last for three days and for three sessions:

1- Coronavirus pandemic and the psychological effect.

2- Coronavirus pandemic and the economic effect.

3- Coronavirus pandemic and the political effect.