Iraq to operationalize linking Railways with Turkey

2020 Dec 07

The ministry of transportation, the state company of railways, held a meeting with Turkish Commercial Attaché and its entourage in Baghdad...


The US needs Europe to end the 'forever wars' in the Middle East

2020 Nov 09

The election and other factors provide an opportunity to design a humbler but smarter transatlantic approach to the Middle East.


Averting an Egyptian Military Intervention in Libya

2020 Aug 04

On 20 July, Egyptian legislators authorised sending combat troops to Libya, where Cairo’s ally Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar is on the defensive. Following Turkeys intervention on the Tripoli government’s behalf, Egypts involvement could escalate the war d


Erdogan to Make Hagia Sophia a Mosque Again, But Will It Help Him?

2020 Jul 12

Turkeys president seems focused on cementing his legacy and boosting his popularity with voters, but the move is more likely to damage the countrys international brand.


Foreign ministry summons Turkish and Iranian ambassadors and submits letters of protest

2020 Jun 21

The ministry of foreign affairs in Baghdad protested on the heavy bombing launched by Turkey and Iran targeting zones of northern Iraq where members of the ...


Will an attack on Turkish troops in Syria change the course of the war?

2020 Mar 02

The battle for Idlib is raising fears of a big-power conflict


Erdogan Visits the White House

2019 Nov 18

Although a NATO partner, Turkey has purchased the Russian air defense system. And, Turkey and the US stand on different sides when it comes to Syria.


Diyanet – Turkey's religious authority that makes millions

2019 Oct 29

Turkeys highest religious authority brings in huge profits, say experts. But as a historic brewery in Istanbul faces demolition, critics argue that such profiteering is not in line with Islam.


Syria: Winners and Losers

2019 Oct 22

In the week since Turkey launched its forces invading Syria in order to establish a buffer or (safe zone), a lot has happened...


Russia Will Not Allow Turkey to Attack Syria, Sends in Troops to Front Lines

2019 Oct 16

Russia has warned it would prevent Turkey from attacking Syrian troops after the U.S. withdrew from a looming clash between rival ...


ISIS Is Gloating

2019 Oct 15

The best one could say about Americas abandonment of the Kurds is that they should have known we would sell them out eventually.


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