The US needs Europe to end the 'forever wars' in the Middle East

2020 Nov 09

The election and other factors provide an opportunity to design a humbler but smarter transatlantic approach to the Middle East.


Scotland after Sterling

2020 Oct 19

Scottish advocates of leaving the United Kingdom need a plan for a new currency and an independent central bank...


Eurasian Geopolitics: US’ Hybrid War on Russian Energy Targets Germany, Belarus, and Bulgaria

2020 Oct 13

The US is ruthlessly waging an intense Hybrid War on Russian energy interests in Europe by targeting the Eurasian Great Power’s relevant projects in Germany, Belarus, and Bulgaria, banking on the fact that even the partial success of this strategy would g


US Redeploys its Forces in Europe

2020 Aug 05

The basics of the policy is that about one third of the American forces in Germany will redeploy to forward NATO nations or bases on American soil.


The End of Europe’s Chinese Dream

2020 Jun 02

The COVID-19 crisis has pushed Europeans strategic thinking about China – already shifting because of three developments – past the tipping point. After years of pursuing closer bilateral economic ties, Europeans suddenly realize that they have become dan


Disunited States

2020 Apr 26

Long held up as a model for Europe, the United States is now also suffering from balkanization, internal competition, out-of-touch and short-sighted leadership


Face Masks Are In

2020 Apr 02

The West has long stigmatized mask-wearing, unlike in many Asian countries, where those who do not wear masks during public-health crises are the ones who are stigmatized.


Averting Economic Disaster Is the Easy Part

2020 Mar 22

Based on Chinas experience with COVID-19, the fiscal cost of comprehensive compensation for lost income could reach 10% of annual GDP, and as much as 25% of GDP in the US and Europe if the epidemic turns out to be worse there, which now looks likely. Thes


A European Strategy Is Missing in Action

2020 Mar 02

While the single market is a valuable asset, it cannot be Europes sole frame of reference. To become an effective strategic actor, the EU must make the most of all of the tools at its disposal, and that requires developing a compelling strategic vision an


Russia in the Gray Zone

2019 Jul 31

In its ongoing efforts to influence world affairs, Russia is waging campaigns both bloodless and bloody. A significant number of its tactics fall in the space between routine statecraft and direct and open warfare, a space sometimes referred to as the gra


Lagarde’s ECB Checklist

2019 Jul 30

After years in which the European Council acted as if there were no qualified women to lead the European Central Bank, it has finally abandoned that ludicrous excuse and appointed Christine Lagarde to the position.


The End of Global Britain

2018 Jun 30

In the two years since the Brexit referendum, the United Kingdoms global influence has been significantly diminished.


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