By: Ali Altalaqani

Federal Investigation and Intelligence Agency, affiliated with the Ministry of Interior Affairs, declared taking down one of ISIS leaders in Kirkuk, also known as the ISIS commander of military contingents in Nineveh and Kirkuk sectors.

Intelligence Agency’s checkpoint, represented by Federal Police intelligence of Ministry of Interior Affairs, managed to capture one of ISIS leaders by tracing other ISIS members.

The captured terrorist is wanted for terrorism, according to article 4 terror, and other arresting warrants for belonging to ISIS as his position is the commander of military contingents in Nineveh and Kirkuk sectors, not to mention working as a soldier in Al-Qadisya Military division and in research and development bureau.

The arrest operation was executed by team of specialists. They ambushed him at his house in Shuwan Area in Kirkuk Governorate as the arrestee’s statements and confession were noted to take legal action against him.