Scotland after Sterling

2020 Oct 19

Scottish advocates of leaving the United Kingdom need a plan for a new currency and an independent central bank...


U. S. Needs to Realize Iraqi National Constants

2018 Jan 06

US opposed Kurdistan referendum on independence but Kurdish leadership announced that the alternative did not provide guarantees


Why Doesn’t the U.S. Support Kurdish Independence?

2017 Oct 21

The Kurds are one of Washington’s closest and most reliable allies in the Middle East


Battling for independence: Small states stake their claim

2017 Oct 14

The battle for the ability to make independent choices is easier for existing small states like Qatar, the UAE and Singapore


Christians and Yazidis see a bleak future in a proposed independent Kurdish state

2017 Oct 12

Bashiqa has become the focus of a tug of war between the Iraqi government and the Kurdish region


Iran’s Kurds are growing restless, too

2017 Oct 04

A referendum held by Iraqi Kurds is revving up their Iranian cousins


A look at what might happen if Catalonia goes it alone

2017 Oct 03

Spain declared the referendum illegal and invalid


The Economic Case Against an Independent Kurdistan

2017 Sep 27

The costs will be large and exacting


It is Never a Good Time for the Iraqi Kurds to Become Independent

2017 Sep 25

The Turkish government believes that their self-determination represents an existential threat


Independence movements in Catalonia and Iraqi Kurdistan face the point of no return

2017 Sep 23

In both cases most outsiders would prefer these votes were not happening at all


Iraq will deploy troops if Kurdish referendum turns violent

2017 Sep 17

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Iraq will intervene militarily if the Kurdish region’s planned vote leads to bloodshed


Iraqi Kurds opposing independence vote face threats, mistrust

2017 Sep 11

Most Iraqi Kurds aspire to their own state, but No For Now campaigners see vote as political gamble to benefit presidency


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