Baghdad and Irbil agree on terms of region’s share of 2021 budget

2020 Dec 05

The Iraqi federal government has reached an agreement with the government of Kurdistan region on the latter 2021 budget...


On Third Try, a New Government for Iraq

2020 May 13

The new Iraqi prime minister has several daunting tasks. Not only must he navigate the politics that delayed his cabinet...


Post-uprising Iraq: New Players and New Realities

2020 Mar 29

The past several days have witnessed a great deal of political movement in Iraq as a result of the countrys remarkable current situation. As usual, the actions of Iraq


Iraq's president tasks Adnan al-Zurfi with forming a new government

2020 Mar 17

Zurfi, a former governor of Najaf and one-time official in the US occupation, will have 30 days to form a government


A Storm of Imperfection

2020 Feb 15

Lebanon is struggling against simultaneous shocks, and the country is in urgent need of a new social contract.


Distrust fuels protests in the Middle East and North Africa

2019 Dec 27

Street protests are enveloping the developing world and especially the Middle East and North Africa Algeria...


As Baghdad celebrates 'dual victory', protesters vow to overthrow entire political elite

2019 Dec 01

Resignation of premier and football victory provide respite to protesters grief over slain comrades


Polling Insights on Iraq’s Shia Revolt

2019 Nov 24

Iraqi Shia have lost faith in their government because it has failed to meet their basic needs in any of these three categories. After the fall of Saddam Hussein and the rise of new governance models


How Deep Is Anti-Iranian Sentiment in Iraq?

2019 Nov 24

A regular survey of experts on matters relating to Middle Eastern and North African politics and security.


Iraq Is Currently Being Shaken by Violent Protests

2019 Oct 08

Spot analysis from Carnegie scholars on events relating to the Middle East and North Africa


Speaking Truth to Power

2019 Aug 09

Many partisans accused President George W. Bush of lying and pressuring the intelligence community to produce intelligence to justify a war that Bush had already chosen


Protests are making a comeback in the Arab world

2019 Mar 22

But there are reasons they haven’t gone viral


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