Researcher reveals ISIS cyber potentials and the procedures to counter it

2021 Feb 10

it is crucial to undermining the ideology of ISIS and weakens his fighters on the battleground, starting from sabotaging


Security Expert: ISIS to re-establish Caliphate and reveals Iraq’s rank in global terrorism index

2021 Feb 07

defeating ISIS is a critical step, but we have not defeated them as an organization of terrorist groups. It is not ISIS itself, it is the sleeper cells that start multiplying ...


The assassination of ISIS senior leader west of Baghdad

2021 Feb 03

Sabah was the one who transports suicidal groups and other terrorist members. Long live our security forces, long live our Iraq


Interpreting the composition of terrorist organizations: ISIS as a model

2021 Feb 02

The researcher in terrorism affairs, Ali AlTalikani, says in an interview with Annabaa News Agency: there are remaining worries of terrorist actions resurfacing in Iraq that stress the Iraqi government.


Iraqi Authorities reveal Investigation’s Results of Basra Sea Mine

2021 Jan 05

A high-level local officer revealed a co-operation with Security Company to disclose the preliminary results...


Nineveh: Assigning Special Forces to protect 15 targets in Sinjar

2020 Dec 25

Military operation west of Nineveh spokesman confirmed the security agreement ...


Eight terrorist among them woman arrested in Northern Baghdad

2020 Nov 19

Eight terrorist among them woman arrested in Northern Baghdad


ISIS armed attacks southwestern Baghdad

2020 Nov 10

Media-security cell stated that four people were killed and three were injured during a terrorist attack in AlRadwanyah District, Baghdad on Monday.


A researcher dismantles ISIS' recruitment plans through social media

2020 Oct 07

Social media became indispensable main platform used by extremist organizations to win new allegiants to support their scheme.


American Withdrawal... opportunity to regain Iraqi State Control

2020 Sep 15

A raging controversy regarding the presence of foreign forces started after the triumph over ISIS and the recovery of Iraqi security institutions. A number of international and local media have raided the Iraqi....


The Coming Global Technology Fracture

2020 Sep 11

The international trade regime we now have, expressed in the rules of the World Trade Organization and other agreements, is not of this world...


Will the US Military Intervene in the 2020 Election?

2020 Sep 05

As the November presidential election grows nearer, the number of theories about what will happen continue to grow. Charges about fraudulent ballots ...


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